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patrol, airport security, doom and gloom. wait a minute, here is the question.... >> you change your tune on me, sean. i was here three years ago. the summer of recovery which you love to mock, you were willing to blame every traffic jam in america on the repaving of roads on the stimulus. now when we're actually going to cut a bunch of programs. >> we're going to cut military readiness. >> now you don't want to do it. >> how much was money did this president spend in 2008, you know the answer to that. how much did he spend? >> he wasn't the president in 2008. >> sean: excuse me, 2009. how much did he spend? >> he spent only a small amount more than was projected. >> sean: how much? >> it barely more than what was projected. >> sean: how much? >> barely more than what was projected. >> sean: here is the thing, spending has gone up 20% almost across the board under obama in four years. we have $6 trillion new obama debt, 20 million in o food stamps, one in six in poverty. wait a minute -- this year we are going to spend about the same probably more than we spent last year. explain to ameri
ideas. we're taking concrete actions to change course. i have unequivocally prohibited the use of torture by the united states, and i have ordered the prison at guantanamo by early next year. >> while the united states has done much to promote peace and prosperity we have at times been disengaged and we thought to dictate our terms. >> sean: ambassador, arrogant, derisive and contrary to our deals and guilty of torture and we're giving money to the muslim brotherhood. what is wrong were that? >> those kinds of comments don't win us any friends and seen as signs of weakness. this president thinks history began with this administration. when we encourage muslim brotherhood movements around the region and disregard king abdullah and other friends in the arab world we are giving encouragement to those that are going to try to overthrow them. get ready, things will get worse there. >> sean: and king abdullah is a wolf in sheep's clothing. what do you think he'll do with the money and tanks we give them? >> i think he should apology the things he said. i think it's pursuing the milit
is the changed cpi, which is really like a technical fix and inflation goes up and down and spending, it's not reform, it's something that the government should be doing anyway, and he this week, a wall street journal headline, president obama tries to woo democrats over to his side. so his problem is not with the republicans, he would probably be able to triangulate with them. the problem is on his left. where are they? you always see, there's always some courageous member of a party who stands up against his own leadership to say this is just wrong. on the democratic side i'm sure there's grumbling and i hear about it, but where is the courageous person who is going to make that public? >> nowhere. i mean, come on, it was left to rand paul to say anything about the drums. you didn't see anything, ron wyden, no one to stand up for profiles in courage in anything that i can tell. dana is right the reason that republicans are saying why hasn't-- why hasn't the senate proposed a budget or passed a budget, it's because the democrats can't agree on it. if it's within their own caucus that th
of chemical weapons being moved around or utilized. that would change my calculus, change my equation. >> sean: was that red line crossed today in syria? how will these events impact the president's trip to israel? helping me answer the questions and much more, colonel oliver north and juan williams, gentlemen, welcome back to "hannity." >> sean. >> sean: let's go country by country. north korea threatens to nuke us. they have a new video out showing them blowing up our capital. what has obama done, nothing. china cyber warfare and stealing our secrets, what has obama done, nothing. iran's advancement with nuclear weapons, nothing. and russia flying over air space, nothing. and syria, nothing. only thing i see the president doing kissing the back side of a muslim brotherhood leader morsi giving him 250 million in and jets. what's he going to do. >> i guess diplomacy don't appeal to you, and working with our allies doesn't appeal to you. no, what appeals to you, sean, is go to war. >> sean: i didn't say go to war. i asked you a question, what has he done, not a thing. russia with weapons over o
weapons moving around or being utilized. that would change my equation. >> sean: as that red line crossed in seara. how will these dramatic developments impact the president's trip to israel? joining me now is colonel oliver north and juan williams, welcome back to "hannity". >> good evening. >> sean: juan let's go country by country. north korea threatens to nuke us. they have a video showing them blowing up our capitol. what has obama done? nothing. china, they're stealing our secrets. what has obama done? nothing. iran's advancements of nuclear weapons? nothing. russian flying over american air space? what happened. nothing. the only thing i see this president is doing is kissing the backside of the muslim brotherhood leader by giving him $250,000 taxpayer dollars and f 16 jets what. is he going to do about these acts after gregs? >> you know, i get diplomacy don't appeal to you. i guess sanctions don't appeal to you. what appeals to you is going to war. >> sean: i said asked you a question. what is he going to do, juan? >> okay. let's take a look at iran. we've imposed sanctions and s
to change thousands of years of definition of what marriage is. >> change-- >> let me he turn to two spots on this, one is justice sotomayor asking ted olson where is the restriction then. she brought up the polygamy issue which surprised me and the second justice kennedy the impact on children. let me play those back-to-back. >> if you say that marriage is is a fundamental right, what state restrictions could ever exist, meaning what state restrictions with respect to the number of people, with respect to -- that could get married. the incest laws, mother and child, and assuming that they're the age. i can accept that the state has probably an overbearing interest on the protecting a child till they're of age to marry, but what's left? >> i think there's substantial -- that there's substance to the point that the sociological information is new. i mean, we have five years of information to weigh against 2000 years of history or more. on the other hand, there is an immediate legal injury or legal -- or what could be a legal injury and that's the voice of these children. there are some 40,0
nearly half a billion dollars on climate change. how many poor children or disabled children could we help. are these debates we should be having, are we going to hurt poor children or disabled children. if we're going to spend money on climate change i'd rather help little children, wouldn't you? >> that's right. and when you look at the redundant and duplicative programs, that's a start. the gao put out a report. 200 to 300 billion dollars of redundant programs in washington d.c. that could have been a perfect place to start. when i was up there in congress we did pass two pieces of legislation to replace the sequester, good, common sense, targeted type of spending cuts that reformed the programs that we had and of course, those pieces of legislation just sat on harry reid's desk. so there were solutions at that were being offered, but to continue to talk about more tax revenue and more increases, as far as taxation, the cbo has already said we're going to have 2 point trillion dollars of revenue this year and that's a pretty high extent-- bit of revenue coming in, but we're still g
have changed the outcome, i would listen to him. i haven't heard any proposal from him or harry reid that would have saved one life. i'm all for saving lives and i think it's a horrible tragedy, but i think it's a mistake to play on these victims and the emotions of their tragedy when nothing he's proposing would change one iota of what happened. >> senator, you bring up senator harry reid, senator majority leader reid,'s going to bring a bill to the senate floor i guess in days, within the next couple of weeks or so. tell us about your plans for that bill specifically? how do you -- will you filibuster? let me ask you point blank, will you filibuster that? >> we plan on making them have at least 60 votes to pass any legislation that may abridge the second amendment. so we will fight tooth and nail, use every parliamentary procedure to stop that from happening. we have a lot of things on the books that the president says he wants to enhance, many of these could be enhanced without any legislation. background checks already do work. we already have rules and say mental health statisti
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are losing jobs. >> the president changed the story about shared sacrifice, with skin in the game. maybe not playing golf with tiger, 341 people would not have been furloughed. why didn't he give it in? >> i agree with you, everybody should share the sacrifices and evaluate whatever the presidential prerogative trips are. i think this event in illinois is about an energy policy. that's a actual policy event, that's something totally different. that's a fair point of conversation. >> i give the president a three, go to account -- >> i don't know if they can endorse one company. they're no donald trump. you probably saw donald trump announce he is willing to pay for the white house tours. i think they wanted to -- >> he offered a week, and i offered a week, donald trump is -- >> brought to you by sean hannity. i'll give you a tour. i can point out the lincoln bust that nancy reagan used to love. back in the day -- >> back in the day -- >> -- go to dinner with me. why won't you talk to me, sean? >> i know one way to get into the obama white house, if you donate 500 grand you ge
he said. >> as a nation, the last three months have changed us. they forced us to answer difficult questions about what we can do, what we must do to prevent the kind of mass considers we've seen in newtown, in aurora, and oak creek, as well as the every day tragedies that happen too often in big cities and small towns across america. today there's genuine disagreement between well meaning people what we should do by the epidemic of gun violence in this country. you, the american people have spoken. these ideas shunting controversial, they're common sense. >> sean: president obama is not the only liberal trying to suppress your right to bare arms. and the actor jim carrey decided to offer his two cents into the gun control debate. and take a look at the highly offensive web video he participated in and mocks gun owners and the legacy of charlton heston. it's called, quote, "cold dead hand". ♪ charl heston movies are no longer ♪ ♪ take him up to heaven like he planned ♪ ♪ that gun from his cold, dead hand ♪ >> what did he say? >> ♪ takes the cold dead hand to decide t
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change things and i was very pleased last night that mitch mcconnell late in this long filibuster came to the floor. >> sean: he did. >> as the leader to commend his colleague from kentucky. i thought it was exactly the right gesture. i think we need more rand pauls, we need more people willing to get up and do what they think is right. and i think that we would be a lot further down the road towards hemming in this president if we had more people willing to do that. >> sean: now, there were four stars that are emerging. i remember this young, kind of bold, brash congressman from georgia who had a series that he put together called "renewing american civilization" which ultimately led republicans to take over the congress in 40 years. but between rand and marco rubio and ted cruz and mike lee, ron johnson, tim scott, south carolina, all participated last night. i think we've got a young, dynamic block of conservatives that are showing not only that they will stand up for what's good for the country, but seems to me that's good for them politically as well. the old guard have something
for future generations. third, welfare reform, changes made in 1996 by extended reforms to other programs. gives states flexibility so they can tailor programs like medicaid and food stamps. and lastly addresses tax reform calling for congress to simplify the code, closing loopholes and consolidating tax rates. ryan's goal is to have just two tax brackets. 10% and 25%. so the question now is, well, will democrats see this as congressman ryan and again, just throwing granny over the cliff. are they going to demagogue it it? don't laugh, a sequel to the ad is already out and we're going to play for you in just a few minutes or will senate democrats who haven't passed a budget in more than 1400 days, will they seize this opportunity to get the country on a fiscally sound path like paul ryan is presenting? now, i'd like to be optimistic, but judging by the reaction from the president himself earlier tonight, that's not going to be the case. now, listen to what he told abc's george stephanopoulos. >> paul ryan today put forward his budget and he says he's challenging you to come forward with a
, it led us to act contrary to our traditions and our ideals. we're taking concrete actions to change course. i am-- i have unequivocally the torture-- and guantanamo bay closed. >> and at times we thought to dictate our terms. >> sean: just pathetic and the bad judgment of obama and the administration was on full display earlier today. look at this, during a joint press conference with palestinian president mahmoud abbas, there's obama standing bee he low an enormous banner showing a picture of the man that many, including me, believe to be the father of modern terrorism. there it is, yasser arafat. now, what message does that send to the middle east with the leader of the free world is willing to stand in the shadows of that monster? joining me now with reaction to talk about this syndicated radio and television talk show host, a great american himself, billy cunningham is here and fox news contributor joe trippi. welcome back. >> good to be here, sean. >> sean: from my perspective, i don't think things could be worse in the middle east. and now we've got a president, the segment wi
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change the muslim world and the fact is, we have tolerated -- i remember when the members of this administration, members of congress saying the muslim brotherhood they're not bad. they are poison and we're seeing that in egypt and it's a-- you know, you have to make a tough stand. >> sean: liz, you know, when he you say that the israelis are the descendents of pigs and apes, 9/11 truther, this is not hard to figure out and predict. the media got it wrong, the president got it wrong and a few of us here got it right. you being one of them, i was one of them. i don't know where you were. >> it's worse than what pat is saying. i don't think that this president is watching the united states decline for political gain. i think he doesn't mind if the united states declines. i think he believes that in fact we should not be the preeminent nation in the world and his policies are meant to carry that out both at home and abroad. >> sean: all right. good to see you both. by the way, saw the piece on your dad on, i think it was show time over the weekend. liz, thanks for being with
and change and chanting repeatedly. he promised obamacare was 900 billion over ten years, latest estimates is three times that amount and over the long-term 6 trillion added to the debt. we cannot afford this and survive, but the president just keeps demagoguing and scaring old people and playing the same old notes and the same talking points and bumper stickers that seem to work. >> well, you know, the democrat party may have a suicide pact for this but i choose not to participate and there are tens of millions of us who choose not to participate and that's what's so frustrating. we have a president who's driven by ideology and who is incompetent, who's apparently economically illiterate, but whatever the reason is, the idea that there's not a single united states senator who's a democrat or a single united states house member who is is a democrat that stands up to this lunacy with spending tells an awful lot about the democrat party, this is not the democrat party of 30 years ago. >> sean: there are no moderate democrats. you're a strategist and you believe in tactics, what -- if you're
thing on monday, changes his mind on tuesday, and says a different things on wednesday. and he doesn't understand that what that does is create a lack of trust. in foreign policies, the one thing i learned working with george herbert walker bush is it's one thing for people to trust america and have a feeling that america will be there in dealing with the national security issues. on both counts, this president obama has lost. people do not trust president obama and they are not sure that america will be there on national security. >> sean: listen, i'll be honest, i don't trust him. he's so dishonest in the way he plays politics, he's he a demagogue, he lies with abandon and the media couldn't call him out on it. i don't trust him, i don't believe what he says. i think he's phony. >> and picky, picky, picky. >> sean: i know. happy wednesday back at you. >> you're right, nobody trusts this man. >> sean: i don't trust him. i mean, if i'm bb, no way would i trust him. you go through the -- you go through whatever the motions you have to go through. it would be better if he had a strong
those within the white house, are partly to blame for changing the talking points in the days following this attack. now, according to the report the so-called press shops references to al-qaeda or attack fearing the media would ask follow-up questions and warning washington an attack on benghazi was imminent. six months later this comes out now? pretty remarkable. joining me, liz cheney, this is pretty damning to me because in my view they had to have known this much earlier and well before the election. but now this is connected to the election. so, what should the american people take out of that? >> well, i think that, you know, the big message here is it's clear and every day it becomes clearer, every time somebody testifies on this, it becomes clearer, the president of the united states, president obama did nothing to defend our people, did nothing to protect them when they were under attack and then afterwards, he lied to the american people about it it and continues to lie to the american people about it. it's just about as damning a situation as you can imagine. and you know, w
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Search Results 0 to 43 of about 44 (some duplicates have been removed)